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Zanjoe Happy With First Acting Trophy Bea Alonzo

Hunk actor Zanjoe Marudo picked up his first acting award at the Gawad Tanglaw awards held last Friday for his performance for “Maalaala Mo Kaya”‘s ‘Kuliglig’ episode.”Bilang artista, isa ‘yon sa mga bagay na kahit paano kapag nakatanggap ka ng parangal, kahit papaano ay nararamdaman mong nagiging kumpleto ka na. At least kapag napansin ka at naparangalan ka ay masaya ang pakiramdam,” Marudo said.Now that he has an acting trophy tucked under his belt, Marudo stressed that he will continue to strive harder in his career. But Marudo said that does not mean he will be more choosy.”Hindi naman magbabase na porke nakatanggap ka ng award ay mag-iiba na ang pananaw mo sa pag-arte, ‘di ba,” he asked. “Siyempre kahit umpisa pa lang ay pinag-aaralan ko talagang mabuti at pinipili ko din talaga ang mga role na nababagay sa akin at saka ‘yung mga kaya kong gawin at ‘yung mga gusto kong gawin.”Meanwhile, Marudo is touched that actress Bea Alonzo said she considers him a blessing in her life.”‘Blessing’! Wow, nakakatuwa talaga na alam mo ‘yon, ‘yung taong mahalaga sa iyo ay maganda ang sinasabi sa iyo.

Para sa akin din naman, isa siyang malaking blessing na dumating sa buhay ko,” he said.Almost two weeks ago, when Alonzo signed a 4-film contract with Star Cinema, she admitted that she and Marudo go out on dates. She also said she misses spending time with the actor whom she described as a “blessing”. Both Alonzo and Marudo are now busy fulfilling their showbiz commitments.Currently, Marudo is busy taping for his newest series “Hiyas” while Alonzo is busy shooting her film with Vic Sotto. She is also doing a TV series titled “Guns and Roses” with action star Robin Padilla.Lovi: I’m open now, you can date meYoung actress Lovi Poe surprised everyone during the special screening of “Captain Barbell” Thursday night when she uttered the words “I’m open now, you can date me.”Lovi said this after the entertainment press complimented her blue Charina Sarte mini dress. According to her, she’s young and will try to enjoy life and the opportunities that come her way.When asked if this has something to do with her relationship with former congressman Ronald Singson, Lovi begged off to answer the question. “I don’t want to say anything kasi when they asked me if I’m in a relationship I never answered yes or no.”Singson is currently detained in Hong Kong after being caught in possession of illegal drugs.

Lovi also did not confirm that she’s already single, but hinted through her words that she’s indeed very much available.”Walang time na akong magisip, walang na akong time sa ibang tao so trabaho na lang muna ako,” she said. “I really think it’s time for me to love myself more. I’m working a lot now.”She added she’s happy with what is happening in her life now and couldn’t asked for more, especially when it comes to her career.”I’m definitely happy with what’s going on with my life. My career is doing great and there are good people around me and I can’t complain talaga. I’m just here to enjoy.”Lovi also said she’s not traumatized with what she experienced for months now and she’s not a skeptic when it comes to love. She added everything happens for a reason and what’s important is she picked up few learning from her roller coaster ride. “It’s like a training for me… Training for more crazy things to come,” the actress ended. (MNS)

The Silliest Celebrity Scandals in Recent History

The merry-go-around of celebrity news moves on at incredible speed, producing sensational stories that range in quality and content. Since the industry has never had aspirations to tremendous intellectual depth, it often banks on other qualities, especially the entertainment value and shock value of their output. Readers and viewers who keep track of celebrity antics are usually interested in having a good laugh or peeking backstage where they can see more of the glossy world of the famous, the rich and the fortunate. In this environment, it is no surprise that quite a large proportion of celebrity scandals are rather silly, if you take a closer look. They prove even more so once some time goes by and no one seems to remember what the outrage was all about. But probably, the silliest stories are those that produce a massive reaction from the public, grow so big that they dominate the headlines for a couple of days and then disappear without a trace, as it nothing had happened.

There is some inherently comic quality in the fact that the public indignation that surrounds them dies out so fast despite the proportions it first acquires.One good illustration of this sort of event is what happened to Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson when her breast was revealed, accidentally or with cunning premeditation, no one really knows, in what became the most famous wardrobe malfunction in history. As a combination of a few factors coincided, mainly the fact that the event was being broadcast during the Super Bowl final, the interracial undertones and the explicit sexual power of the incident, the scandal sent shivers of moral discomfort down the spines of millions of Americans. Its more long-term impact was rather modest and beyond stricter regulations that ban any hint of sexual content from the Super Bowl evening, little has changed. This disproportion between the immediate splash the Nipplegate produced and its fading into insignificance in the following months is indeed comic.Celebrity gossip websites were still in their infancy when the news broke that somebody released Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tapes on the Internet.

Anyone who appreciated the well-endowed lifeguard from the Baywatch could have a section of her intimacy with her newly-wed rock star husband. This has been long overshadowed by the more explicit sexual content that can be easily accessed on the Internet, including webcam antics by wannabe celebrities, but at that time the public reaction was intense. It was a topic of hushed conversations from high schools to workplaces, but it died out as abruptly as it was unleashed on the general public. From today’s perspective it does look rather silly.No one could see it coming that Britney Spears would go through a major meltdown, but she did, in front of the whole world. It was confusing, embarrassing and silly at the same time to watch the beautiful pop singer enter the path of self-destruction. These constant images and stories of what she did and what she did not do pumped her to such an extent that she transformed into an unreal figure mixing comedy with tragic.

Netflix’s Movie Review: Amy Poehler’s Progressive Coming Of Age Movie Is Sweet But Familiar

It’s aims are positive, but the results are mediocre.

Amy Poehler’s Moxie is a film with conviction. It aims to shine a bright light on toxic aspects of our society, specifically in regards to young people, and encourages pushing back against them with passion and loud voices. It properly recognizes the issues it addresses as complex and fraught, but advocates that the only way things will change is if people fight for what they believe in.

It’s a movie with a proper head on its shoulders, and it’s art in promotion of good. Unfortunately it also happens to be built on a foundation that is a basic and overly familiar coming-of-age story that ultimately renders the cinematic experience mostly immemorable.

The new Netflix movie is based on the novel of the same name by author Jennifer Mathieu, and follows Vivian (Hadley Robinson) – a teenage girl who finds herself frozen by a college essay question about a cause that she feels passionate about. The vexation comes from always keeping her head down and steering away from conflict, but then she finds a double dose of inspiration. After meeting a new classmate named Lucy (Alycia Pascual-Peña) who isn’t willing to tolerate any of the sexist garbage constantly spewed by the school’s star athlete (Patrick Schwarzenegger), she does a bit of investigating into the past of her mother (Amy Poehler) and discovers that she was a riot grrrl growing up who fiercely advocated for women’s rights while blasting Bikini Kill.

Feeling exceptionally motivated, the teenage lead anonymously writes a feminism-inspired zine called Moxie, and one morning goes into the girl’s bathroom to leave a stack of copies on the hand dryer. It quickly becomes the talk of the school, with students not only debating the issues that are raised, but also the identity of the mystery publisher. Without ever revealing her secret identity, Vivan becomes a part of an unofficial club pushing for the end of misogynistic policies and biases – though the work is not without struggle, as she earns ire from male classmates, sees no support from the principal (Marcia Gay Harden), and begins to see fractures form in her relationship with her best friend, Claudia (Lauren Tsai).Hadley Robinson makes a strong debut as a lead in Moxie.

With the story contained to the events at the high school, Moxie’s stakes are entirely dependent on audience investment in the characters, and that ends up being a mixed bag due to the simplicity around the edges in the ensemble. As a protagonist, Vivian is interesting to watch both in her ambition and in her demonstrated flaws – such as her moment of panic after first “releasing” the zine, and her immense frustration with the complications inherent in the issues she is trying to fix. Likewise, Lucy is compelling for her strident attitude and unwillingness to accept the status quo; and Claudia’s perspective winds up adding new levels to the issues (plus her relationship with Vivian is the most significant in the film).

By extension, Moxie makes for a great platform for some talented young actors. In her first lead role, Hadley Robinson demonstrates wonderful range playing Vivian, and the evolution of the character through the story feels authentic because of how she plays it. Alycia Pascual-Pena has terrific stage presence, making her an excellent fit for the role of the protagonist’s contemporary catalyst to action over in-action.Moxie trips up with a large supporting cast with a number of thin characters.

That depth isn’t universally present in the supporting cast, however, and that extends to both the primary antagonistic forces, and Vivian’s newfound friends in revolution. Both Marcia Gay Harden’s turn-a-blind-eye principal and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s cocky jock wind up being overly familiar tropes, and aren’t given enough substance to add any extra nuance to the movie’s core conflict. The same can be said of members of the Moxie club, as characters seem only present to represent a single problem, such as issues with the dress code, and resource allocation in boys and girls sports programs. And while you want more from the woke romantic interest (Nico Hiraga), Vivian’s single mother (Amy Poehler), or even the caught-in-the-middle teacher (Ike Barinholtz), there’s a lot that winds up resting on cliches and renders the movie to be a touch too typical.

The best thing about the coming-of-age genre is that it gives young people an opportunity to recognize that they are not alone facing the crazy issues that come with life as a teenager – and it would be wonderful if people watch Moxie and feel inspired by the actions of its protagonists. It harbors that potential, but more likely it will become a film that you reflect on with a shrug and a, “That was okay” as the poster scrolls by when you cycle around Netflix. It’s aims are positive, but the results are mediocre.

2011 Teen Choice Awards – Let The Night Blossom With Joy And Fun

What an awesome night this is going to be, especially for those who are die-hard fans of Hollywood’s hottest young stars. The 2011 Teen Choice Awards will celebrate the hottest teen icons in film, television, music, and sports. Everyone has been anxiously mulling over the Teen Choice Awards list to guess who will win in each category. There is a spirit of joy and contentment seen in both the hosts and audiences. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that their favorite celebrities win this coveted award. Night of “Youth and Fun” The 2011 Teen Choice Awards is a night of youth and fun, but it is still a red carpet event. Which young stars stood up to the fashion strain? Who failed gloomily? Follow the jump to view the fashion gallery, and find out yourself which stars really sparkled on this wonderful night. The Awards honor Hollywood’s fresh, up-and-coming stars and popular favorites are loved by fans of all ages. This year, however, the talent is so great that there is no way one could try and predict the winner.

So, get ready for an exciting night sparkling with joy and excitement. The Awards will be organized to celebrate a star-studded evening to honor the best in film, music and sports. You can watch out your Hollywood’s hot young stars at the Teen Choice Awards. As special attraction, celebrities such as Hillary Duff, Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton will come out to play. Few more performers and presenters are also likely to ignite your spirit with joy and escalation. It is definitely going to be interesting to see which of the contestants breaks away as the early favorite, but there are a number of celebrities that could really surprise viewers. Each year, the Awards are broadcasted live in network calling the royal names in the entertainment industry, appearing live on stage as recipients, performers, and/or hosts. Attending The Teen Choice Awards means you will be grabbing the chance to the excellent entertainment, gourmet buffets, mixing and mingling with gorgeous celebrities.

You can also shake your booty to top DJ’s rocking music or watch breath-taking performances. Watch your favorite celebrities walking down the red carpet If you are watching Teen Choice Awards quite zealously since its beginning, it is quite exciting how it is a fun to watch the show on live. But how one can go about getting The Awards tickets? Your chances of scoring are limited unless you have one of the contestants or producers of the show by your side. Fortunately, there are many companies awarding Teen Choice Awards tickets to the event on a first-come first-serve basis to people who arrived at a certain time. If you miss drawings like this, don’t despair. There are still steps they can offer you to get in. The Teen Choice Awards 2011 are just round the corner; so why not win the most exclusive Teen Choice Awards tickets now. Just imagine what an awesome night this is going to be, especially for those who are die-hard fans of Hollywood’s hottest young stars.