I have added 4 medium quality candids of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens leaving Teddy’s nightclub in Los Angeles on May 31st, 2009.

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Leaving Teddy’s In Los Angeles With Vanessa Hudgens 05/31/2009 (x4)

Zac Efron: Ready For Some… Cross-Dressing?!

Zac Efron really wants to be in girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens’s upcoming action flick, “Sucker Punch,” because he’s dying to work with director Zack Snyder. There’s just one thing getting in the way: Zac’s manhood…

“I think it’s an all-girl movie,” Efron told me backstage at the MTV Movie Awards right after picking up the Golden Popcorn for Best Male Performance for his work in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. “But if there’s any way to be in that film, I’d do it. I’d play a girl if I had to.”

Hudgens, meanwhile, tells me she’s hoping to channel some Angelina Jolie for her action-packed work in “Sucker Punch.”

“I’m so stoked about it,” she said. “I kept telling everyone, ‘I want to do an action film.’ But they were like, ‘Maybe in a few years.’ So I’m like, ‘Ha, in your face. I am doing one now!'”

Hudgens will shoot “Sucker Punch” after completing “Beastly,” which she starts filming this week in Montreal. [Source]

Even More Images

I have added medium and quality images of Zac Efron presenting an MTV Generation Award to Ben Stiller and accepting his own Popcorn man.

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MTV Movie Awards 2009 – Show (x62)
MTV Movie Awards 2009 – Show [HQ] (x4)

Images, Images…

Enjoy 15 medium quality images of Zac Efron posing backstage and sitting in the audience.

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MTV Movie Awards 2009 – Backstage & Audience (x15)

More Images

Twenty high quality images of Zac Efron posing with his MTV Award for “Best Male Performance” have been added to the gallery. Expect more pictures from the gala – I am in the process of collecting them.

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MTV Movie Awards 2009 – Press Room [HQ] (x20)

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