Zac Efron Is Having Problems With His Crotch

Being a young, internationally famous singer, dancer, and actor would probably be fairly awesome. Except for the part where you get hit in the nuts. Zac Efron is pretty popular. But on ‘Lopez Tonight’ (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS), he showed up to discuss his role in the new film ‘Charlie St. Cloud.’ Unfortunately, part of his acting job during the film involved being hit in the crotch. With a baseball.

During his conversation with host George Lopez, Zac revealed that it only took one take to do the crotch-hitting scene. That’s good. We’d hate to have to think about Zac being hit in the groin over and over again. Then, Zac moved on to discussing previous crotch troubles that he’d had in his past. This conversation involved the mention of a game that he played in high school, which involved hitting other people in the groin. According to Zac, this game was called “Sack Tap.” [Source]