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Let’s hear it for the boys! The Movie Awards definitely packed in some classy-looking ladies, but the men also added their own sense of haute-ness to the evening. With most choosing clean lines and fitted shirts, it was hard to narrow down who deserves to be singled out as the best dressed. OK, not that hard…

Zac Efron: It’s occurred to us that the “17 Again” star can really do no wrong when it comes to fashion. Seriously, is there anything out there that doesn’t look absolutely fantastic on his svelte bod? Besides a hot-pink dress, we’re guessing not. The former Wildcat showed up to the awards in a blazer, striped skinny tie and skinny jeans. While he played it safe, choosing to go with only muted shades of gray, his messy coif gave him just the right amount of swagger to accept his Best Male Performance trophy. [Source]

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