The Benefits of Modeling Outside of Large Cities

Traditionally, when you think of the major markets for the modeling industry, you probably focus on places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and although it’s a bit on the smaller side, Miami. While yes, locations such as these can be a hotbed for the modeling scene, that certainly doesn’t mean they are the only options for aspiring models.If fact contrary to what some might believe, the industry can and does thrive in smaller and/or less traditionally glamorous locations. “Why?,” you may ask. Well, there are a lot of reasons.In these mega-metropolis locations, it is probably more likely than not that apprising models will simply be just another face in the crowd – a number if you will. Those who stand out are the exception and not the rule and it doesn’t even necessarily have anything to do with their beauty or talent.Conversely, in a less notable city like Austin, Texas or my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for example, the atmosphere can be quite different.

Models, photographers and those who might hire them get to know each other as people and this can be good business for everyone.Another issue that can arise is the challenge of obtaining quality gigs. Sure, the opportunities typically pay much more in L.A. than Cleveland, Ohio for example, but there is a catch. Being just a number in L.A., a model might be able to find one $500 paying job in the same time frame in which she could book five jobs paying $150 each in Cleveland, totaling $750. Basically, you can make up the pay difference in volume of work.The larger markets, although starting to catch up with certain changes within the modeling industry, often still tend to emphasize on old ideal. While this may be just fine for the blonde bombshell with blue eyes who is 5’9″ and wears a size two, that leaves a lot of people out. There is a new and growing acceptance and desire for beautiful women who might be a bit on the short side, sport tattoos, don’t necessarily have D-cup breasts or are involved with gothpics.

These ladies often do better in smaller markets.Last but not least, chances are a model can become an industry celebrity of sorts in a place like Raleigh, North Carolina more readily than she might in a place like New York. And, with the Internet being such a powerful force for publicity these days, that level of celebrity can be extended throughout a state, a nation or even globally no matter where you live or work.Ultimately, despite working in a small market, the advantages can actually be quiet big. If you think you are interested in working in a smaller market then you should take the time to explore your options. The fact of the matter is that you will soon see that there are plenty of opportunities available for you in these smaller markets. Who knows- maybe a smaller market is exactly what you need in order to get your career off to a hot start?